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Online pet care
workshops & seminars

Improve your employee experiences with specialised online services for their pet care.

Unique, interactive learning experiences for students through school and library facilitators.

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Our Programs cover



  • Understanding dog body language 

  • Understanding individual movements  (eyes, ears, tail, hackles etc)

  • Do's and don't'

  • Being gentle



  • Vaccinations

  • Worming 

  • Signs of ill health (eyes, ears, noses)

  • Dental

  • Food 

  • Exercising

  • Games to play

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  • Leads/harness/haltis

  • Owner etiquette

  • Licences

  • Microchips

  • Strange dogs

  • What to do if scared

Your Instructor

Ms Hannah Flew - CEO of Alpha Boutique

Ms Hannah Flew

CEO of Alpha Boutique  

Author of Animal Welfare in Ireland

Hannah holds a degree in Animal Husbandry, Animal Care Levels 5 & 6. She is also lecturing in Animal Welfare QQI Level 5 in the Education & Training Boards of Ireland.

Hannah is devoted to providing a fun environment where everyone can learn about the fundamentals of pet care together.

Goals include:

  • Increasing general knowledge thereby improving Animal Welfare throughout Ireland and beyond.

  • Foster an appreciation for animals and the environment

She is assisted by her cat Lola and dog Jessica.

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