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Dog bite prevention, care & Safety workshops for Children.

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For the past year we have partnered with various schools & libraries giving workshops specifically to students and young adults from ages 7 - 16, demand has increased due the the high increase of Covid dog buying.

We make sure all workshops are fun, interactive, using many images & leave time for questions.
We can edit workshops to fit specific requirements, they are usually 40 - 60 minutes to fit in with class schedules.


We have been charging €120 per session rather than per student. Workshops are conducted online via Zoom.
We prefer to cap numbers at around 30 because I usually get a lot of questions! 


There is an array of workshops to choose from, however, many need a foundation, a place to start, so I propose one or more of the below for your students:


  • Understanding dog body language 

  • Understanding individual movements  (eyes, ears, tail, hackles etc)

  • Do's and don't'

  • Being gentle


  • Vaccinations

  • Worming 

  • Signs of ill health (eyes, ears, noses)

  • Dental

  • Food 

  • Exercising

  • Games to play


  • Leads/harness/haltis

  • Owner etiquette

  • Licences

  • Microchips

  • Strange dogs

  • What to do if scared

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